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Inspired by her passion for adventure, landscapes, and spirituality, Annie Lalonde's artistic process is a journey from dynamic exploration to stillness.  Drawing from her travels, photography, National Geographic magazines, and life experiences, she creates paintings, photographs, and collages exploring perspectives, horizons, vastness, and flow.  Through her art she aims to affect a positive change in the world by bringing the viewer to a place of discovery, delight, and insight.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies at McGill University, Annie lived and worked in Japan for nearly three years where she studied Japanese art forms such as and Sumi-e (ink painting), Taiko (drumming), and Kyudo (archery). She then travelled extensively throughout South Asia to explore other Asian cultures and geographies.  These experiences, as well as other subsequent travels, continue to inspire and subtly resonate in her work.

Annie now resides in Montreal where she continues to explore and expand her approach to fine art painting and other visual arts mediums, while also working as a successful entrepreneur and a certified Life Coach for Creatives. 

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